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Pre-Surgical Rehab

Pre-Operative Rehabilitation, or PREHAB as it is widely known, is the preparation undertaken prior to your surgical procedure.

Physiotherapy plays an important role in the management of clients before surgery. At Scona Sports & Physiotherapy, we can provide you with information and management strategies prior to your surgery to:

  • help you understand what to expect after the surgery;
  • how to maximize your outcomes from the surgery; and
  • help you with specific exercises targeted to assist you with the process.

How does pre-surgical rehabilitation work?

Pre-surgical rehabilitation has been known to provide a number of benefits for surgical patients. By consulting with one of our physical therapists, you can find out what treatment plan will be best for you to achieve optimum results.

When you are as strong, flexible, and healthy as possible, you are able to regain normal function much more quicker, following surgery. Starting a pre-hab program also means you’ll be able to establish a positive training routine that you will already be accustomed to before your surgery, and that you can take into your recovery for a better outcome.

The 6 main benefits of pre-surgical rehab

There are six key aspects to pre-surgical rehabilitation and how it can help you be successful:

  • Gives the possibility of avoiding surgery
  • Shortens recovery
  • Increases stamina
  • Reduces complications
  • Improves outcomes
  • Reduces pain

How will pre-hab work for me?

Pre-hab helps improve strength and promote pain relief before surgery, as it prepares your body for the procedure. It can also help you prepare mentally, by encouraging an overall sense of well-being. Pre-hab helps to improve your range of motion and patterns of movement with exercises that you can perform before and after your surgery, in order to speed up your recovery time.

Surgery can take a traumatic toll on your body; therefore, it is typically only performed when there are no other options available. Participating in exercise therapies prior to surgery can exceptionally improve your post-operative outcomes and reduce your recovery time.

In general, physical therapy will assist you in improving your physical health and promoting general wellness.

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